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An Interactive 3D Atlas of the
Head and Neck Region

Welcome to Caput !
Welcome to Caput, an interactive 3D atlas of the head and neck region. Caput is based on a complete 3D MRI set of the head. This atlas has been created to explain the spatial relations of anatomical structures in the head to students and physicians. The MRI images were chosen to get students acquainted with this rapidly evolving imaging technique.

Why Caput ?
The classic anatomical atlas provides a flat representation of a threedimensional situation. Hence it is difficult to see how structures relate to each other in space. Also, the structures are shown from only a few angles. Most of the current digital atlases have the same shortcomings, because these also display a fixed number of preprepared images. The approach of Caput is to let the user determine which structures will be (partially) visible and from which directions. Also, a stereoscopic mode is provided to elucidate the threedimensional relations.

Who should use Caput ?
Primarily, Caput was developed for training students and residents. The existing interactive atlases with functions comparable to Caput's are very expensive ( US $ 2000 ! ) and only work on expensive workstations. Therefore our primary concern was to develop a system that works on a plain PC and is still affordable. At this moment, Caput is officially part of the training of medical students at Leiden University.

About the authors
Caput was developed by A.R. Viddeleer, MD and H.K.P. Feirabend, PhD. Alain Viddeleer is specialized in medical information technology and currently works as a physician at the Radiology Department of the University Medical Center Groningen. Hans Feirabend is professor at the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine, Leiden University.

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